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Katy Perry

Katy Perry paid a visit to a sick fan in Australia after she had to miss the star’s concert on Monday. Eight-year-old Grace Moores had brain surgery last week after being told she had a 6cm tumour. Her sister Tiana, 16, tweeted that Grace had been looking forward to the concert before she was diagnosed […]

Katy Perry has sent Taylor Swift an actual olive branch, seemingly ending the beef between the two megastars. Swifty, who is about to start her Reputation tour, shared a video of the package she received from Katy – which appeared to include a note with the words “miscommunications” and “deeply sorry” written on it. The […]

Katy Perry says she is a “victim” of social media because of society’s pressure to share every move online. The singer and American Idol judge says Instagram and Twitter are proof of the “decline of civilisation”. She also encouraged fans to not care about social media and to instead live their lives. Perry has over […]

Fans think Taylor Swift’s new single, Look What You Made Me Do, is about Kanye West. The track is the first from the singer’s sixth studio album, Reputation, and comes after a week-long social media blackout where she removed all her previous posts. On it she declares that the old Taylor is “dead”. But people […]

Psy’s Gangnam Style is no longer the most-watched video on YouTube. The South Korean megahit had been the site’s most-played clip for the last five years. The surreal video became so popular that it “broke” YouTube’s play counter, exceeding the maximum possible number of views (2,147,483,647), and forcing the company to rewrite its code. But […]

Katy Perry says her new album isn’t about her “feud” with Taylor Swift. Asked whether she’d respond to Taylor’s track Bad Blood, Katy said there wasn’t anything on her latest record that was “calling out any one person”. “This record is not about anyone else. This record is about me being seen and heard so […]

¬†She split with Orlando Bloom recently after 15 months together. In a tweet to her 90 million followers, she said nobody was to blame and nobody was the villain, asking “how about a new way of thinking in 2017?” Both Katy and Orlando have been married before. Orlando Bloom split from from ex-wife Miranda Kerr […]

Katy Perry has helped her sister Angela give birth before heading straight back to the studio to work on new music. This is the second time the singer has been in the delivery room. Back in February 2014, she revealed she “helps delivers babies in living rooms” after being present at her sister’s labour. Now […]