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Swizz Beatz: US hip-hop artists should look to the UK for inspiration

Written by on 18th December 2016

Swizz Beatz, who’s made hits for Drake, Jay Z and Kanye West, says the best hip-hop is being made in the UK.

“Just last night I did a track with Giggs and it’s a movie. There’s a lot of talent out here,” he said.

“Musically the UK is stronger than the US right now. As far as the hunger and the unique vibes.”

He says capturing new sounds is part of the reason for his frequent trips to Britain.

“I’m into that because I am global thinking anyway.

“So when I come back to the States and artists hear the hunger [coming from the UK] they’re like, ‘Okay now I need to do this…’ and that’s great,” adds Swizz.

As well as being impressed by Giggs, he’s also endorsed singer Angel.

Swizz Beatz, who’s married to Alicia Keys, recently hosted an event in his role as Bacardi’s global chief creative for culture.

He put on an exhibition in London where artists displayed there work for free and kept all the commission made from sales.

Swizz told us he offers a similar sort of deal for the producers he works with.

“I believe that the artist should be free… you fee the artists, you free world. Creativity is not to locked up. It’s like a bird, don’t cage it, it has to fly.”

The UK music industry is in a good place right now.

Latest figures from the British British Phonographic Institute (BPI) suggest that one in every six albums sold globally is by a British artist. Acts like Ed Sheeran, Adele and One Direction are the big hitters.

(Source: BBC News)