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Will Rihanna’s eyebrows become the Vogue?

Written by on 6th August 2018

Long has the thick, full-eyebrowed look reigned supreme in the beauty world – but could that all be about to change?

Rihanna’s September Vogue cover shows the superstar with her eyebrows seemingly removed and ultra-fine, pronounced arches pencilled in their place.

It flies in the face (literally) of the bushy Cara Delevingne-inspired brows that have for so long been the beauty norm of the £20m brow industry.

But would women really ditch their carefully grown-out eyebrows for such a dramatic look? “It feels really fresh and is such a big statement,” says Rosie Green, beauty director at Woman & Home.

“It’s such an amazing beauty trend that people can tap into with very little money – unlike many of the bags and clothes that are featured in Vogue.

“I think after this there will be a change – the real drawn-on brow will certainly start to go away,” she adds.

Former beauty director of Glamour magazine, Alessandra Steinherr, on the other hand, is quite definite that we’re not going to see the look adopted across the board. “No, it’s not going to filter down to the wider public,” she says. “Beauty bloggers will be doing it in tutorials and I think perhaps we’ll move towards a thinner more natural brow – but brows are such a strong feature, I can’t see them going away soon.”

But Green says that full eyebrows are now a tired trope: “Cara was so fresh and youthful when she burst onto the scene because they were her own brows but actually with a lot of girls they’ve become like drawn-on slugs: cartoonish and often crass. It was only a matter of time before it swung back.”

(Source: BBC News)

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