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Katy Perry helps deliver (another) baby then goes back to studio

Written by on 18th September 2016

Katy Perry has helped her sister Angela give birth before heading straight back to the studio to work on new music.

This is the second time the singer has been in the delivery room. Back in February 2014, she revealed she “helps delivers babies in living rooms” after being present at her sister’s labour.

Now the 31-year-old has used her midwifery skills to help her sister again. Earlier this year she confirmed she was working on new material.

She also released a track as part of NBC’s coverage of the 2016 Olympics in July, named Rise.

Over the weekend Perry spoke about the ongoing rift she has with Taylor Swift.

As part of a Twitter question and answer session she was doing with fans, she was asked if she would ever collaborate with the singer.

She replied: “If she says sorry, sure.”

(Source: BBC News)